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Leica Accessory Guide 2nd Edition by Dennis Laney 43-Dennis Laney
 Oskar Barnack - From the Idea to the Leica.
 Fed-1, Zorki-1, Zorki-2  - The Soviet Copies of the Leica II
Nikon D850 Crash Crash Course Made for Beginners by Michael "the Maven" Andrew NikonD850CRASHCOURSE-Andrew DVD
 Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design by Dec Hogan & Marty Howard
 The Secret History of KGB Spy Cameras: 1945–1995
LEICA POCKET BOOK, 8th Edition by Hove Collector Books LeicaPOCKETBook8th-HOVE
Elmarit - Story, technology and events of the glorious Leica lenses family by Marco Cavina & Pierpaolo Ghisetti Elmarit Story
 Leica Pocket Guide 1953 - 2018 by Erwin Puts
Best Essays and Images by Jeff Mishler Bx38-BENTEssaysImages-Mishler
Photographic Lenses in 19th Century GERMANY and AUSTRIA by Corrado D'Agostini  PhotographicLenses 19th Century Germany/Austria
Sony DSC-RX10 IV: Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX10 IV by Alexander S. White Bx26-SonyDSCRX10V-White
Canon M39 Rangefinder Lenses 1939-71 by Peter Kitchingman - ACCEPT ORDERS Canon M39 Rangefinder Lenses 1939-71 / Kitchingman
Summicron Story , technology and events of the mystical Leica lenses family by Marco Cavina & Pierpaolo Ghisetti (Dual Language ENGLISH & Italian) Summicron
Nikon 100 Anniversary by Uli Koch - EARLY BIRD preorder Nikon 100 Anniversary / Uli Koch
Zeiss and Photography by Lawrence J Gubas - PROOF copy Zeiss and Photography Gubas  PROOF copy
Photographic Lenses of the 1800's in France by Corrado D'Agostini PhotographicLenses1800'sFRANCE
A Survey of Zeiss Photographic Advertising in Britain June 1936 until December 1938 gathered by Lawrence J. Gubas Bx77 Survey of Zeiss Photog Advertising/Gubas
The Complete Nikon Rangefinder System by Robert Rotoloni - BESTSELLER NIKON RANGEFINDER SYSTEM/ROTOLONI

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