' Unique Patterns with Dave Schmezer - The New Hooked On Fly Tying Series (Fly Tying DVD)

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Bennett Watt Entertainment 2007, Tutorial Fly Tying DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 76 minutes

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24 new titles recorded in digital widescreen High Definition format by the world’s premier fly tying program producers Jim & Kelly Watt, these programs are educational/instructional DVD’s designed for all levels of fly tyers.

I must say, overall, if I can "tweak" someone's mind enough to "close the book", and THINK toward creativity, to consider the new ways to do things.... I have done my job to further the art and craft of fly tying.

Dave Schmezer is retired, 65 years young and has been tying flies for well over a decade. He and wife Sarah (the six kids are out of the nest) live in the Laurels Highlands of western Pennsylvania on 37 acres near Latrobe. When not trying to keep up with children spread all around the US, or tending to chores on the “Ranch on the Ridge” or logging wood for winter heat, Dave is a full-time tyer and fly designer. He teaches fly tying at home and several fly shops and is regularly found in the “Tyers Aisle” at most of the Eastern Fly Fishing shows. Dave Schmezer is known for his unique flies and different outlook on tying, techniques and teaching tying.

The "Bead Belly "concept, it's basic design, versatility and adaptability to various game fish species or baitfish imitations, the materials and tying tips are all outlined in detail in this fly. The well crafted fly will make it more durable and are in part responsible for the way the fly performs in the water.

Short Shank Hook with straight eye Beads that are counter-drilled as opposed to those that are counter-sunk

DEER HAIR EXTENDED BODY HOPPER Some have called the Hoppers "Bullet-Proof”. Here’s a pattern that will give you an understanding of the unique techniques used to tie them and be excited enough to try.

SCUDLY DORIGHT Seems to be a recurring theme, but it is different, it is new and unique! This is an adaptable pattern that looks good and is simpler to tie than it appears and simpler than many standard Scud patterns. Utilizing new materials and different tying techniques enjoy and even expand on. This pattern has been used with very good success on many streams across the country.

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