- The Costa Rica Challenge - No Sports Allowed (Fly Fishing Movie/DVD)


Presented by Loop USA 2015, Movie/DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 67 minutes

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In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman, launch on a salty journey that most said couldn’t be done. One Country, Two Oceans, Three Species, 430 Kilometers all in 36 Hours. Is it possible?

History of the Costa Rica Challenge
Aaron Peterson, Royce Klingler and Marc Crapo were on a road trip to Helena, MT to fish the Missouri River in the spring of 2010. They started discussing destination fly fishing trips and some of their filming excursions they had done locally and where they would go if they could go out of the country.

Aaron talked about going to India and the Seychelles. Royce said he would love to fish India and the Seychelles as well, but had an idea brewing in his mind about Costa Rica. He had traveled their several times, loved the country and the diversity of species you can catch on the fly. He had the idea of fly fishing and filming in Costa Rica in a challenge--seeing if he could catch 3 species of fish in 36 hours, starting on the Caribbean side of the country and ending on the Pacific and travelling only by land. Later that year, Royce had the same conversation with Nick Pujic of Fly Max Films and the producer of Fly Nation on the WFN . They had been discussing "No Sports Allowed" filming and Fly Max Films--- Nick said let me run this idea past a few people I know. Soon after the WFN through out an offer to air the challenge on their network. Hence the first annual "Costa Rica Challenge". Now it has gone from "can it be done?" and airing on the WFN and evolved to an airing scheduled for 2012 of the "Costa Rica Challenge 2" which is a great opportunity for teams to represent their company and their products and use it as a great marketing event. The Costa Rica Challenge Crew--Aaron, Royce, Nick and Marc are grateful to all the sponsors, the WFN, and all those who shared the vision to make this event possible.

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