- Tying the SF Baby Merganser & the Hott Butt Toad by Pat Cohen (Tutorial Fly Tying DVD)

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SuperFly 2013, Tutorial Fly Tying DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM.

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This is the third in the series, which will use the techniques shown in the first video "The Stacked Deer Hair Diver" to learn two of Cohen's signature deer hair bass bug patterns, The Baby Merganser & Hott Butt Toad.

SF Baby Merganser: This fly came about because of a request I received from a good guide friend of mine. He was watching big browns one afternoon eat baby Merganser ducks. There are various videos on the web that show all sorts of species eating baby birds. So I made one.... This fly lays on it's belly, with an articulated head and the wings spread out. This distressed motion and commotion that you can create with this fly is hard to resist for any predatory fish. Change the colors, change the size and match your local duck hatch. This buy has caught everything from Musky to Pike to Bass to Brown Trout. ... Its going to be the most fun you have ever had fishing top water hair bugs.

Hott Butt Toad: I wanted to create a go to frog pattern. This fly did it. With it's articulated rear end and the materials used, this fly moves in the water without moving it. Cast it out on the top of a lily pat... patience.... let it sit... then pop it off and wait for the explosion. You can pop this on the surface or make swim under the water. Vary your retrieve to explore all the motion that this fly will produce.

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