- Corfield Cameras - A History & Collectors' Guide by John E. Lewis - SIGNED copy

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Published by J.E Lewis 2013, softcover, 6 x 8-1/2", 200 pages, over 150 black & white illustrations,. SIGNED copy.

In the 1950s, when most British camera manufacturers seemed to content to produce outdated designs or very expensive models, K.G. Corfield, Ltd, bucked the trend. Their range of Periflex 35mm cameras and related equipment brought a breath of fresh air to the market, and challenged the strong German competition. Within a few years the business was transformed from a cottage industry into Britain's most modern camera manufacturing plant.

The fascinating history of this company and its products is based on over thirty years of research, plus interviews with the former management and employees.

For collectors and photographic historians there's a section which provides full technical details of all Corfield products, together with advise on their purchase and restoration.


Chapter 1 - The Formative Years
Chapter 2 - Putting the Company on the Map
Chapter 3 - A Corfield Camera
Chapter 4 - Britain can make it
Chapter 5 - The Second Generation
Chapter 6 - Setbacks and Triumphs
Chapter 7 - A Larger Format
Chapter 8 - A Growth Problem
Chapter 9 - Alternators and Alkohol
Chapter 10 - Going Full Circle

The Periflex Cameras
Buying Periflex Cameras
The Corfield 66 Cameras
The Corfield Lenses
General Photo and Darkroom Accessories
Corfield Cameras - The Technical Aspect by Frank Porritt

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