#17 Pucker Ridge also Kaner Flat & Naches Trails, Washington by Rick Russell's Off Highway Adventure Series (DVD)

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SIDEKICK OFF ROAD 2001 DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 68 minutes

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On the first excursion from our base camp near Rimrock Lake, we drove through a maze of old roads that eventually led us to the old Blue Slide Lookout site, across the Short and Dirty Ridge and onto the Pucker Ridge Trail. Pucker Ridge is a narrow trail winding along a ridge top. The off-camber sections give this trail its name. Then it's onto the Kaner Flat and Rocky Saddle trails. These are your typical Pacific Northwest Trails: a narrow path winding through the trees with an occasional peek at Mt. Rainier. Motorcyclists, ATVers, and four wheelers all use the road system in the Wenatchee Forest and Shoestring area along Highway 410. Our third trip took the group across the historic Naches Trail. In 1853 the Longmire-Biles party of 38 wagons carrying 180 settlers were lured across Naches Pass by the promise of a shortened trip to Puget Sound. This trail is scenic, historic and a whole lot easier in at 4x4 than in a wagon.

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