#19 Backcountry 4x4 Adventures by Rick Russell's Off Highway Adventure Series (over 4 hour 2-Disc DVD Set)

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SIDEKICK OFF ROAD DVD 1999. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 4 hours, 14 minutes

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This video includes 12 trails originally featured on The Outdoor Channel and are now available on a two-disk DVD set. Hosted by Rick Russell. Each trail is approximately twenty minutes, each without commercials, with trail rides in areas not accessible by street vehicles. The easier routes allow time for exploring old mining camps and buildings, while the extreme routes challenge man and machine to reach the end of the trail. The vehicles provide the action and the countryside provides the scenery. Anyone who enjoys exploring the backcountry in a 4WD, ATV or motorcycle will enjoy these trails. Features trails in California, Utah, Washington, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arkansas.

12 Trails Featured in this DVD set:

#1-Intimidator Trail-Farmington, NM Extremely rough, ledges, off-camber
#2-Slammer Trail-Hot Springs, AR. Difficult trail, rocky, slippery
#3-The Cinders-Flagstaff, AZ. Difficult, volcanic pebbles, hill climbs
#4-Broad Canyon-Las Cruces, NM Difficult rock crawling
#5-Gold Bar-Rim Moab, UT. Scenic, easy, beautiful look-outs
#6-Titus Canyon-Death Valley, CA. Historical, easy trails
#7-4x4 Hill-Clayton, OK. Rough, steep hill climbs
#8-Crown King-Phoenix, AZ. Historic, scenic drive to old town
#9-Pucker Ridge-Rimrock, WA. Extreme, slippery, steep, mountainous
#10-Gohler Wash-Ballarat, CA. Easy trip, historic trip to Death Valley
#11-ATV Jamboree-Richfield, UT. ATVs, Piute Trail, easy to medium hard
#12-Monument Valley-Southern UT. Navajo Indian country, easy trails, scenic

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