Agfa Family Pins (Game Pins)

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Like new in original leather case. Nine Pins - 3 green, 3 red and 3 white. Pins are 1 7/8" long and square. An unknown item . . . help identify.

Thank You to Martin S. for the explanation:

these pins were used in a very popular game - often played in pubs etc. to determine e.g. who has to pay for the next round of drinks. In my area in Austria it was usually called "Knobeln". The rules are easy (the game can also be played with matches or coins, BTW)

Each player gets three pins of the same color. He then puts as many of them as he likes in one fist (so the others can't see how many he's holding) and holds the fist over the table. Now everyone guesses how many matches are hidden in the fists. With three colors it can be everything from zero to nine. Only thing that is not allowed is to guess a number that can't be reached based on what you have in your hand. E.g. if you have zero in your hand you can't say seven as the highest possible count would be 6. Or, vice versa, if you're holding three you can't say two. After everyone had guessed fists are opened and the pins are counted. Winner would be the one closest to the actual number or loser the one furthest from it. The Agfa family imprint certainly refers the Agfa family line of Super -8 items (camera and viewer) from the mid 1970ies

Sets like the one shown were often used as giveaways or sold without company imprints e.g. in tobacco stores.

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