Camera Phantasies, By Lehman Wendell, First Edition 1966 (Signed with letter)

By Lehman Wendell. (1966). A.S. Barnes and Co. Hard-cover, 7 1/4 x 10 1/4", 115 pages, B&W photos. The author has dreamed up innumerable "camera phantasies". By placing hats, eyeglasses, pipes, and false teeth on an ingeniously arranged pile of mugs, jars and pitchers, he creates weird and hilarious faces.
Using real insects, he creates macabre effects when he poses them in humorous situations.
The book also offers instruction on the fundamentals of "this rewarding hobby".
Book is in very good condition. Front inside cover page has personal inscription from author. Also, there is a letter from the author to a reader enclosed in book. Dust-jacket has some small tears at edges.
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