Care and Repair of Classic Cameras by Joe Lippincott

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By Joe Lippincott. (1999). Joe Lippincott. Softcover, 8-1/4 x 10-1/2", 144 pages, over 300 illustrations. Great reference book for buying, caring, repairing and modifying mechanical and electronically-controlled camera equipment. A MUST for every Photographer and Collector.


How Times And Cameras Have Changed!
The Generic Approach
How To Build A Collimator
Light Meters
Batteries, Cases, Filters, and Lensshades
Cleaning And Checking
How To Buy A Camera
How To Check Hasselblad Cameras And Lenses
Pentax K1000/SPotmatic F DiIsassembly, Meter Repair
Disassembly Of Cameras
Disassembly And Servicing Of Specific Cameras
Disassembly, Adjustments Of Screwmount Leicas
Disassembly, Adjustments of M-Leicas(Bayonet)
Leaf Shutter Disassembly And Cleaning
Light Meter Disassembly And Adjustment
Twin Lens Reflex Adjustments
Film Advance, Film Counters
Not-So-Secret Codes: Hasselblad, Kodak, and Nikon
Generic Disassembly And Repair Tips
Some Problems And Solutions
Disassembly And Servicing Of Specific Lenses
Some of Joe's FavoritesThe Canon Squeal--And The Cure
How To Auto Index (AI) Nikon Lenses
Modifications And Adaptations
Equipment In Adverse Climates
If All Else Fails
Sources And Resources: Tools, Literature, And Repair
Leica Reflex Lens Cams

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