Cold River Rising by Enes Smith (Signed by Author)


Enes Smith Productions 2006; softcover; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2"; 294 pages.

Biography: Enes Smith relied upon his experience as a homicide detective to write his first novel Fatal Flowers, 1992. He has been a college instructor and adjunct professor, teaching a vast array of courses including Criminology, Sociology, Social Deviance, and Race, Class, and Ethnicity. He trains casino employees in the art of nonverbal cues to deception.
Smith’s work as a Tribal Police Chief for the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indians of Oregon led to his latest novel, Cold River Rising. He has been one of the few Siyapu (Sahaptin language word for white man) to hold that position in Indian Country. He worked as police chief in 1994 and 1995, and even though he is a Siyapu, he was asked back as tribal police chief in 2005.
The author is based in Central Oregon.

While on a spring break from college, Native American Tara Eagle was kidnapped in a foreign land. She and her friends struggle for survival, first against terrorists, and then against the army. Her relatives become frustrated, and then angry at the slow response from the United States Government.

There are over five hundred Indian Tribes recognized by Congress. In modern times a group of Indians used their sovereignty for something other than a casino. The Cold River Indian Nation of Oregon declared war on a foreign country.

They were joined by others.

Enes Smith just opted the movie rights to this title to Independent movie producer Roads End Films, Oregon.

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