English trout flies by William H Lawrie, 1969

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Hardcover is in good condition; good dust-jacket with Mylar cover, inside pages very clean; small red remainder marker top edge.

A. S. Barnes 1969; Hardcover, 8.3 x 5.5; 392 pages.

This book brings to the reader a treasury of fly fishing literature which traces the evolution of the English trout fly from the time of the 1496 Treatyse, ascribed to Dame Juliana Berners, down to the present day. Nearly 5 centuries of tradition have been assembled in this single volume. ....a comprehensive selection of original trout-fly patterns from past authorities, as well as numerous color photographs of various flies and fly dressings provide a real insight into fly-making. In essence the author has assembled, in one volume, an entire library of notable books from which an immense amount of knowledge of the true art of trout-fly dressing may be derived.

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