Full Circle with Thad Beckum ( two hour bow hunting tutorial DVD)

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Half Moon Productions Tutorial DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 120 minutes

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Come full circle with Thad Beckum, from collecting natural materials to producing powerful primitive weapons, used to harvest two whitetail deer. You'll also learn the primitive skills necessary to process your deer into food, clothing, and other items used in the production of primitive weapons. By using more of your game, you will learn to honor and respect the game and your ancient ancestors

Includes demonstrations on:
• Whitetail Deer hunting with primitive bow and arrow
• Making sinew backed cedar bow and southeastern Indian cane arrows
• Flint knapping and heat treating stone
• Making sinew bow strings and primitive glues
• Brain tanned buckskins
• Friction fire
• Smoking jerky
• Processing deer with stone tools
• Shooting bow, atlatl, and blowgun
• And much more!

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