Hank Haney's Essentials - 4 Disk Tutorial GOLF DVD set - Includes Bonus "Strategy" DVD ( 3-1/2 Hour Golf Tutorial DVD)


Tutorial GOLF DVD Set. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 210 minutes

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- The Full Swing
- The Short Game
- Putting
- BONUS "Strategy"

Hank Haney, recognized as one of the world's premier golf instructors, has taught some of the games greatest players. Now he wants to teach you. If you are passionate about the game, Hank Haney's Essentials will provide you with the tools you need to develop a plan to play great golf.

These groundbreaking, full-length feature DVD's will help you become a complete player, and teach you to think, act, and play like a champion. This four-disc set encompasses every facet of the game.

The Full Swing: (run time approx. 54 minutes)
Hank will walk you step-by-sgtep through the golf swing, covering the fundamentals of every great swing. You will develop your understanding of the causes of common flaws and how to correct them once and for all. You will improve the consistency of your driving and ball striking leading to the best golf of your life!

The Short Game: (run time approx. 41 minutes:
Hank will show you the keys to pitching, chipping and bunker play. Improve you skills around the greens so that you make more up and downs and shoot lower scores

Putting: (run time aprox 51 minutes)
Hank takes you througha comrehensive lesson in putting. Learn the keys to consistently controlling speed, reading greens and making putts. Hank's techniques will help you become a better putter for life.

Strategy: (run time approx. 62 minutes)
Learn the keys to playing smart. In this full length BONUS DVD, Hank takes you through a complete lesson in golf strategy. Hank will help you develop your ability to avoid trouble and recover when you find it.

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