Hooked on the Fly Presents Keyed on Tarpon - Part 1 The Migration & Part 2 Resident Tarpon by George Abbott Clark ( Fly Fishing DVD)

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Hooked On The Fly 2010. DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 50 minutes

Captures the adventure, soul, art, Science & magic of fly fishing.

KEYED ON TARPON – THE MIGRATION - Part 1 This film takes us into the world of tarpon in the Florida Keys during their annual migration and fly- fishing for them. During the migration tarpon from all over the Caribbean arrive in The Keys in huge schools. They probably come from as far away as South America. Fishing for them is a challenge, because if you spook one fish, you’ll likely spook the entire school. We’ll also learn about the ongoing scientific research, using DNA that can be collected by sport fishermen, to study their amazing migration patterns. This data is essential to better understand and protect this great game fish.

KEYED ON TARPON – RESIDENT TARPON - Part 2 This film takes us into the world of the tarpon in the Florida Keys who are Resident all year long. Migrating tarpon can become Resident, and visa versa, depending on water temperature and food availability. We’ll fly fish for Resident tarpon. Unlike Migrating tarpon that can come in large schools, Resident tarpon often come at you across sand flats in singles, doubles, or strings. This is usually one on one fly-fishing.

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