Leitz und die Leica - Hoehen und Tiefen einer Weltfirma 1945-2017 by Alexander Decker (German Text)

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Published by Verlag Rudolf Hillebrand 2018. GERMAN TEXT, Hardcover, 8-3/4 x 11-1/2", 160 pages, including 120 color photos plus 10 charts. NEW CONDITION .

This is not the who-how-many book about Leica cameras (which, of course, are clearly included) but a fascinating book about the changeful history of the post-war period of the company Leitz. From the heyday to the economically very difficult times to today's blossoming of this cult company. Of course, always taking into account the respective products of the appropriate time and not only the Leitz products, but also the important products of the competition. The author appreciates the merits and achievements of the firm Leitz, but does not conceal their failures or wrong decisions.

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