Limitless Lighting with Off-Camera Shoe Flash by Will Crockett - a Shootsmarter Tutorial DVD

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Shootsmarter DVD 2009. Running time 2 hours + 5 minutes; ships in plastic clam DVD case; play in any DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM drive.

This image (DVD cover) was created by using only 2 shoe flashes. Amazing huh?

Will Crockett reveals everything you need to know about creating light like this from simple set of up your flash, to mounting it on a light stand the smart way, wireless triggering tips and more in this confidence inspiring video.
No need for fancy and expensive equipment, use your current shoe flash - with battery power - to produce gorgeous portrait images indoors or out.

Join Will Crockett at a sold-out presentation of his popular “shoeflash lighting” seminar and see it all for yourself in this DVD.

Check out what’s inside:
INTRODUCTION Will Crockett welcomes the audience and introduces the days events. Take a quick look at the photo gear that includes cameras, tripods, computer and Wills own high end inkjet printer brought along to show the audience the terrific image quality in the example images.

LIGHT QUALITY Let’s make an simple portrait using direct flash and see the poor image quality. Watch how Will softens the light with the easiest possible of tools and see the “before and after” examples shot live in realtime.
Next, Will uses a large shoot-thru panel and gets studio quality light from one single shoe flash. Here’s all the tips you need to know and the recommendations on which ones he likes best.

POPUP SOFTBOX FOR SHOE FLASH? You bet! See Wills choice for portable popup softening of the shoe flash to produce simply amazing light in no time. Lots of tips on how to make it work it’s best including mounting the flash and the flash settings and finishing with a nice photo session by using only this one softbox shooting quickly too! BONUS: Will shows you how he pulls this photo session into Lightroom and does the quickest retouching / softening he likes, then exports the files to an online web gallery so that the model can order prints right away.

USING A SECOND FLASH The difference between a cold shoe and a hot shoe is discussed, then a second flash is placed as a hairlight and triggered wirelessly with one of Will’s favorite options. Watch as a nice series of images is created with this client pleasing setup.

WILLS GROUNDBREAKING APPROACH TO OVER/UNDER LIGHTING Here’s the coolest lighting ever from a shoe flash! Will’s “over-under” lighting is smooth, forgiving and gracious as well as super simple to create. Using a shoot-thru panel and a reflector, see exactly how to set this up yourself including plenty of tips on finding this type of lightings’ ‘sweet spot”.

THE TRIANGLE OF SETTINGS: Will makes this type of lighting easy of course, but here he reveals the balance between aperture setting, ISO and the battery capacity of your flash that we need to take care of in order to keep our sessions moving smoothly - and profitably.

BATTERY POWER Pulling your aperture open one stop, or raising your ISO by one stop will almost double your battery capacity. Food for thought so you can make smart setup decisions.

ISO Flexibility in our lighting options hinges on ISO and you may just be surprised at how good the high ISO’s are in todays digital cameras. Will kicks up the ISO on his camera and bounces one BIG battery powered flash and shoots anywhere in the the entire room with GREAT portrait light as well as candid coverage light.

RECOMMENDED RUNDOWN OF SHOE MOUNT FLASHES Here’s the current list of shoe flashes Will and the ShootSmarter panel suggests for professional use that includes the latest from Canon, Nikon, Metz and Quantum’s Trio. What does a flash need to do to be “pro” grade?
What do we need to do to make portraiture grade light with shoe flashes?
Changing the flash output angle to make the light wide or narrow. Crafting the light into better quality light

YOUR FLASHMETER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND Controlling any kind of portrait light is best done with a flashmeter - even if we are using shoe flash. Here’s the latest flashmeter info and recommendations from the top exposure control expert in all of photography.

MANUAL FLASH POWER Taking charge of your shoe flash means getting out of TTL sometimes. Manual power mode on your flash is an incredibly powerful tool. Here Will explains the settings of using pro flashes in manual exposure mode. Never used your flash at 1/64th power in manual mode before? You will now. Tips on getting high quality files with high ISO settings.

NOT SO WILD WIRELESS TRIGGERING Triggering your shoe flash wirelessly open SO many new doors. Will goes over the 3 Shootsmarter recommended brands of triggering systems that are worth your money.
Radio frequency wireless TTL systems are now available in that work great so you don’t have to struggle with the intricacies of the built-in infra red (IR) systems that cause most of us more headaches than great shooting sessions.

From light stands, to swivel adapters, to Will’s new recommended list of hot shoe mounting adapters and more, Will shows you the smart way to safely setup your flash for off-camera shooting with plenty of options for lightweight travel and or budget considerations in these chapters:
Smart choices in stands.

ATTACHING A SHOEFLASH TO A LIGHT STAND The best choices for swivel adapters to connect your flash to the stand.

FLASH MOUNTING OPTIONS We need to hold the flash by it’s hot shoe - then trigger it electronically too. Here’s the 3 best products for connecting up your flash.

GOTTA HAVE CONNECTIONS Let’s put all the pieces together and see how Will does it on his shoots when he sets up his own personal gear to trigger remotely.

CONTROLLING EXPOSURE Will pulls out a camera, sets the flash, and shoots a sweet shot using the flash at no greater than 1/4 power so the recycle times are short and the heat production (we don’t want the flash to overheat!) is low. Lenses and autofocus is are covered as you see the session start with great exposure but bad color...

CONTROLLING COLOR White cards, grey cards, custom white balance, confusing instruction manuals... let’s make it easy. How ‘bout auto white balance on a shoot like this? Watch and see the color come right in to perfect in the snap of a shutter. ExpoDisc - the good and the not-so-good.

PRINTING YOUR IMAGES Let’s take a break from lighting and shooting and see Will take a few of the files shot in this program and print them out. See the direct flash image, then the softer light, and finally the super smooth lighting example images side by side.

Q&A: The audience is brimming with excellent questions on camera buffers, shooting tethered, Qflash, laptop monitor profiling, backups and so much more.

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