Night & Low Light Photography: The Expanded Guide by David Taylor

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Ammonite Press , softcover w/flaps, 7 x 5 11/16", 192 pages, color illustrations

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This series of focuses on photographic techniques not only gives you a grounding in the subject but also takes you a step further to enable you to get much more from your photography. Expert advice is given by professional photographers, using practical examples of techniques, illustrated in color with the aid of clear diagrams and charts.

Photographs captured in low light conditions, or even in the dark of night, can be powerfully dramatic, sensually moody, or vibrant and glistening with the illumination of stars, streetlamps, or other artificial lighting. But the knack of capturing photographs in low light requires a basic understanding of the way images are captured by the camera.

Modern digital SLR cameras are impressively capable of rendering images shot in low light, and professional photographer David Taylor discusses, clearly and concisely, the best cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, reflectors, cable releases, flash and other equipment that are essential for this enthralling genre of photography.

A detailed, jargon-busting guide to exposure includes information on metering, dynamic range, aperture, depth of field and hyper-focal distance when related to shooting in low light. Getting the best results from your camera also requires an appreciation of the effect of its ISO range and the ability to lessen the obtrusive 'noise' that can detract from a successful image.

Case studies provide real-life examples of night-time photography:
• Landscape low light - shooting the different seasons, at different times of the day, varying weather conditions, in mist and fog, during rain, frost and snow.
• Urban low light - how to shoot night-time architecture, traffic trails, Christmas and other illuminated festivities, interiors with artificial light, museums and churches, music and sporting events.
• Other low light subjects and techniques - the night sky and star trails, the moon, candlelight, flames and fireworks, silhouettes, and the art of 'painting with light'.

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