Photographic Lenses of the 1800's in France by Corrado D'Agostini

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Corrado D'Agostini
Berthiot Chevalier Darlot Derogy Hermagis Jamin Lerebours Soleil

with contributions by Ugo Minichini
...It is difficult today to find books that describe and illustrate the lenses that made history in 19th Century France ...

Bandecci & Vivaldi 2011, ENGLISH text; hardcover, 11 1/2 x 8 1/2" (oblong), 372 pages, color illustrations.

For a large part of the 19th century French manufacturers of lenses and cameras were preeminent and among the most prestigious in the field of photography, creating examples of the highest quality. This book describes the photographic lenses produced by eight French companies which influenced the course of history in France and throughout Europe in the nineteenth century. The lenses of smaller companies, as well as special lenses that allowed for various focal lengths, are also included. For the first time, we have a book that shows (300 dpi) color images of the most important production of photographic lenses from the early 1800's when photography was invented, to the end of the century. Extremely rare examples, only on view at specialized museums and in private collections, are illustrated in technical-historical and aesthetic detail for enjoyment of collectors. The book is the result of long research conducted by the author in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England. The rarest examples from the nineteenth century production of optics are illustrated alongside more famous and popular examples. Descriptions accompany the images, allowing scholars, collectors, and enthusiast of photography to identify the objects.

Table of Contents:

I Berthiot
II Chevalier
III Darlot
IV Derogy
V Hermagis
VI Jamin
VII Lerebours et Secretan
VIII Soleil
IX Smaller French manufactures
X Convertible Lenses

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