SOLD-SOLD-SOLD Linhof Product Listing - Precision Cameras, Lenses, Accessories 1974



by Terence Sheehy - Classic Camera Collector Publications. Softcover, Laser Printed Process, bound and edged by hand, 8-1/4 x 11-3/4", 80 pages, B&W illustrations.
Linhof means a lifetime investment in photographic excellence, from the fast shooting handheld 6x7cm rangefinder cameras such as the Linhof 220 to the famous Technika series and the Press 70 through to the Kardan optical bench models in size up to 10x8, this superb Product Listing of 1974 illustrates them all together with the myriad of accessories accociated with each model. Technical details of over 80 different lenses of the highest quality from Zeiss Schneider and Rodenstock. Original Publication.

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