Sporting Clays 6 - CHOKE SELECTION MADE SIMPLE by Gil & Vicki Ash (Tutorial DVD)

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OSP Shooting School 2014, Tutorial Sporting Clays Shooting DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM.

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Learn a system that makes choke selection simple and obvious and will give you the greatest margin for pointing error and still break the target.

Do you know how wide a skeet pattern is at 10, 15 and 20 yards or a modified or IC at different distances? Do you know why at the same distance a target going away from you takes more choke than a crossing target to reliably break it every time? Why is a skeet choke better on a target at 20 yards than an IC? Are you one of those shooters that shoot light mod at everything? Well it is the close ones you miss that cost you the most.

In this DVD, Vicki directs her husband Gil in their approach to when, where and why to change choke in shooting sporting clays. Gil discusses all the variables that must be taken into account to determine choke and load selection for each shot in sporting clays. Some of the variables are known, but many are not, and because of this, perfect choke selection for sporting clays is virtually impossible.

Because you cannot see how many different chokes effect the spread of the shot cloud, there are many mysteries and more misconceptions than there are truths about choke and how it affects the shot cloud. This DVD draws on Gil and Vicki's years of experience, not only shooting all clay target disciples, the the millions of shots they have witnessed as professional coaches. Rather than being a dry dissertation about choke dynamics and percentages, this DVD puts some humor, common sense and logic about when, why and how to use choke to better your score in sporting clays.

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