The Hunt For Big Fish: Volume 1 by Larry Dahlberg (4 Hour - 2 DVD set)

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Larry Dahlberg Productions 2008. TWO Tutorial DVDs. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 4 hours

Disk 1:

#1) Beluga Sturgeon: Guryev, Kazakstan (former USSR), Ural River Delta, Caspian Sea
Hearing stories of giant sturgeon so large locals consider them too big to catch on rod and reel, Larry travels to the north end of the Caspian Sea where he sniffs out some giant pike as well as Beluga Sturgeon including one on 8# test line that forces him to enter the Caspian and wrestle it into submission.

#2) Chasing Monster Marlin: Madeira, Portugal , Principe, West Africa
Larry heads to the west coast of the African continent for possible giant marlin. First to Madeira, Portugal, a known hotspot that's suddenly gone cold, then on to a new, untested "maybe" spot called Bom Bom Island that turns out to be on fire, producing 18 Marlin in ten days.

#3) The Hunt for Big Fish in Venezuela
Larry explores the vast Orinoco delta for Tarpon before heading deep into the interior in search of giant jungle catfish and Peacock Bass.

#4) Dorado in Argentina's Parana River: Parana River, Argentina/Paraguay
Larry tries many approaches for an unusual golden colored predator called a Dorado. Action occurs below a giant dam and, as usual, we get a surprise or two. In this case it's a fish that looks more like a Dr. Seuss animal!

#5) Nile Perch in Egypt on the Nile River: Aswan Egypt to Abu Simbel on Lake Nasser
Larry and wife Marilyn travel to Egypt to spend a week chasing giant Nile Perch and camping on the desert. Larry catches a 200#+ monster and is offered several dozen camels for Marilyn.

#6) Zambezi River Tigerfish
Using live bait, lures and fly rod, Larry chases down some of the wicked looking creatures that swim and finds out they are also one of the toughest.


#1) Springtime in Alaska
Larry travels to Alaska hunting for giant rainbows and northern pike.

#2) 10,000 Island Adventure
Larry travels to Chokoloskee, Florida and hits the jackpot on giant snook using topwater lures at midnight 16 miles out in the gulf, plus runs into a giant, prehistoric 14' long beast.

#3) Jungle river monsters in Venezuela
Larry travels deep into the jungles of Venezuela and tackles two of the strangest fish in the Amazon basin, the Dracula-like payara and the giant piraracu.

#4) Salmonids in the land of the Czars and Ghengis Khan.
Larry fishes the spectacular Yokankga River on the Kola peninsula of the former Soviet Union, plus travels to Outer Mongolia in search of Taimen.

#5) Light tackle billfish
Larry travels the pacific coast tangling with billfish and light tackle, including sailfish on a Shimano Calcutta 50, a tiny fresh water reel not much bigger than a silver dollar.

#6) Year 'round Tarpon
Larry takes us through a menu of fishing options available on Costa Rica 's Atlantic side,and shares the most productive techniques for tarpon, plus provides an interesting glimpse at an unusual "bass-like" jungle fish called a Guapote. With guest appearances by wife Marilyn, and daughter Melanie.

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