The Leica Micro Pocket book by Erwin Puts

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The SMALLEST Leica book! Full of information and a great conversation piece. Please note the font size is small due to size.

Imx Edition 3/2013. 128 pages full color, 3 x 2" (5-1/4 x 7-1/2cm) , bound spine with many useful tables, equations and information about:

Time-line for all Leica products
Table with true aperture values plus tolerances
Equations for aperture and EV calculations
Greek Alphabet
Powers of ten
Color filters for black-and-white: Leitz and Kodak
Exposure and tonal reproduction
Photometric units
Tonal range
Scene brightness ranges
Exposure meter and EV calibration
The Zone System
Digital signal processing, tone mapping
Digital camera internal signal processing
Sensor sizes
ISO speed for digital cameras
Digital Zone System
The Inkjet print and zone system
Exposure meter calibration for digital cameras
Exposure rules
Determination of scene brightness
Rules of Perspective
Rules of composition
Lens constructions
Street photography
Some useful calculations
Resolution measures
Using/testing the Leica equipment
Wet-film or dry solid-sate or hybrid?
Books to read

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