The World Of 3-D: A Practical Guide To Stereo Photography, By Jac. G. Ferwerda, First Edition 1982

The World of 3-D - A practical Guide to stereo photography Jac. G. Ferwerda. First Edition 1982, published by the Netherlands Society of Stereo Photography. Hardcover, 6 3/4 x 10 3/4", 306 pages, over 245 illustrations. Book is in very fine condition.

This book is being widely acknowledged as the standard text on the subject. This text starts out basic enough for the absolute beginner, but advances in logical steps to cover more advanced and diverse topics.
Part One begins with stereoscopic prints and stereoscopes, and includes information on making and viewing stereo prints, either with the traditional Holmes viewer or by free viewing.
Part Two surveys stereo cameras, techniques, convergence, hypo and hyper stereo.
Part Three faces the problems of the stereo window, mounting of slides for projection, and different techniques for different formats.
Part Four details systems, screens, techniques, and showmanship.
Part Five is addressed to more advanced and experienced stereographers who are ready to deal with the more esoteric points of the craft and science of good stereo projection.
Part Six briefly describes such special stereo techniques as double exposures, titles, anaglyphs, and even delves into the world of auto stereoscopy or 3-D without glasses or viewing aids.
The book concludes with an extensive bibliography and a list of addresses of 3-D suppliers worldwide.
With over 245 illustrations, many of which are stereo pairs suitable for free viewing or viewing with a simple viewer, this volume sets out to answer the questions that are asked by everyone who wants to make his own 3-D pictures.
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