- Steelhead Bank Fishing by Josiah Darr and Mike Zavadlov (82 minute Tutorial Fishing DVD) - NOT Fly Fishing


Cascade Media Works 2016, Tutorial Fishing DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 82 minutes

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In this feature length production, host Josiah Darr and guide Mike Zavadlov detail all the most common techniques for fishing steelhead from the bank. These professional anglers go into detail on their favorite lures and baits and show precisely how to fish them.

Getting the proper drift is crucial to the steelheader and this video has numerous demonstrations on exactly how it's done. The Olympic Peninsula in Washington and its' famed steelhead rivers are the backdrop for exciting angling action and solid bank fishing lessons.

this feature length video can help you hone and widen your bankfishing skills, including are straight-forward demonstrations on:

*** Float and drift fishing baits and beads
*** Casting and selecting spoons and spinners
*** Worm and Jig choices and presentation
*** Side planer plug angling

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