' Oskar Barnack - From the Idea to the Leica. The Camera that Revolutionized Photography by Ulf Richter

SKU Oskar Barnack from Idea to Leica

LHSA 2017, translation to English by Rolf Fricke, Hardcover, 280 pages, 8x11.5".

In 2015, the LHSA Board (Leica Historical Society of America) approved a project to translate and publish the English edition of Ulf Richter's excellent book: Oskar Barnack - From the Idea to the Leica.

Ulf Richter spent years assembling the material to allow him to write this outstanding book on the life of Oskar Barnack and the development of The Camera that Revolutionized Photography.
The book contains many photographs of the early Leica cameras, pictures associated with Barnack's life, illustrations from Barnack's workbooks, and detail drawings of the camera mechanisms.
The Appendix contains copies of selected patents and an extended selection of references. An interesting fact is that the Lecia M10 is essentially the same size as the Leica I (A).
This book will make a fine addition to the library of any Leica owner, historian or any photography enthusiast.

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