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These 4 videos are ideal for photographers who want to get the most out of their camera and flash gear for professional results. These are the complete episodes on DVD and are presented without commercials. Available for a limited time only. Each DVD ships in clam case

DVD 1(WC255): Let's Learn Lighting: Outdoor Portrait
Join Will Crockett as he illustrates three of his favorite outdoor portrait lighting setups in this 90 minute long episode of our Foundations webTV series.
Check out the location gear Will likes to use as he sets up the first shot with only one speedlite on a stand softened by an umbrella to make a simple and smooth wireless TTL portrait. Next Will blends the sunlight and a Qflash run through a shoot-thru umbrella on a riverbank for a nice outdoor photo. Then see a large softbox setup next to a tree for some dramatic and easy to use light outdoors. Will shoots in JPEG mode with great color and perfect exposures so you get to see the images direct from the camera as he shoots them.

DVD 2(WC110): Digital On-Camera Flash
Gaining Confidence and Control: Better light quality, color and exposure using any flash in AUTO, MANUAL or TTL exposure modes.
In this video, we improve the light quality of the biggest troublemaker in the digital photo world, on-camera flash with digital expert Will Crockett. The good news is that we now have a wide variety of flash tools to make some terrific images quickly and profitability. But the bad news is that some of the digital camera and flash systems don't quite work as advertised. So let's take look at the problems most photographers face when shooting with on-camera flash, then a variety of solutions to fix or just deal with the problem and make the best photos possible.
"We've solved just about all of the on-camera flash problems by taking a completely different approach - working backwards. Choose the light quality you need FIRST, then let us show you the best, easiest, and smartest way to use it in your everyday work " - Will Crockett

DVD 3(WC206): Big Light from Small Flashes
Big Light from Small Flashes explores how to get big quality light from what many would consider limited flash. Watch as we demonstrate and create images in our studio. FLASH Foundations with Tony Schreck is a WebTV series for photographers who want to explore how to craft amazing light - indoors or out - from the simplest flashes in professional photography.
• Use a reflector to shoot through or grab a white balance? You bet!
• Where to place a flash or umbrella to get the right amount of shadow and highlight.
• When are you ready to go with Q-Flash?
• Sometimes moving your subject can make all the difference.

DVD 4(WC226): On-Camera Flash: Quality, Color, and Control
Better flash photos are easy once you know how to get the camera, flash and photographer to work together! This is a DVD of the Web TV series devoted to using battery-powered shoe mount flashes both on camera and off camera for professional quality portraits and event coverage with Will Crockett as he presents the unlimited uses of on-camera flash and how to make it work for you. From affordable 4/3 cameras with amazing flash technology, to high end full-frame DSLRs with premium flash gear, Will shows you the FOUR COMPONENTS TO YOUR FLASH SYSTEM as he walks you through how to make a better photo indoors and out using the most powerful flash tool there is - information.

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