Asahi PENTAX and Pentax SLR 35mm Cameras 1952-1989 by Danilo Cecchi

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Hove Foto Books 1991. Hardcover, 6 x 8-1/2, 193 pages, illustrated in color and B & W.
A collector's guide to Pentax cameras. Traces the development of the camera models and lenses and the history of Asahi Optical.

Written by an Italian architect, with an emphasis on the industrial design work exemplified in Pentax cameras


USA Model Names Introduction
Rise and Fall of the Screw Mount
The Asahiflex
The First Asahi Pentax Family
Asahi Pentax before TTL
The Era of the Spotmatic
Asahi Pentax and Electronics
The Dreams of Asahi Pentax
Takumar-The Eyes of Asahi Pentax
From Screw to Bayonet
The K-Family
Asahi Pentax MX, The Little Professional
The ME-Family- The Electronic Challenge
Pentax LX, The Big Professional
The A-Family- The Programmed Pentaxes
The P-Family, Program and Multiprogram
Pentax Today- The Pentax Autofocus Reflex Cameras
Pentax Bayonet-mount Lenses

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