Canon EOS 5D Mark III CheatSheet (Canon 5D Mark III)

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PhotoBert 2012, Handy, laminated, short version instruction manuals for on the go. Size 8-1/2 x 11", printed double-sided, folded in thirds.

This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera. Professionally designed by a photographer - for photographers.
* Weather proof
* Very durable - laminated in 3-mil laminate
* Full Color
* Easy to read - high-quality print/stock
* 2-sided
* Contains most of what's in the user manual!

It's an easy to take with you quick reference that is invaluable in the field. This CheatSheet is printed on double-sided 8 1/2 x 11 brochure stock at high resolution and is folded in thirds so it's a convenient size (4" x 8 3/4") to put in your camera bag.

Nobody can remember all of the features, modes and the "how to" instructions so here's an "easy to take with you" quick reference that is invaluable in the field.

This CheatSheet is full of useful information on how to use the various features of this camera.

Covered topics include:
• Battery Info
• Power-Off time
• Quick Control Screen
• Formatting the Memory Cards
• Menus
• Image Stabilization
• Restoring Default Settings
• Viewfinder/LCD Grid
• Viewfinder/LCD Electronic Level
• Feature Guide
• Folders
• Memory Card Selection/Role
• File Naming Options
• File Numbering Options
• My Menu
• Picture Styles
• Mirror Lockup
• Exposure Modes
• Metering Options
• BULB mode
• Autoexposure Bracketing (AEB)
• Exposure Compensation
• Color Spaces
• Autoexposure (AE) Lock
• Image Size and Quality Options
• Drive Modes
• Self-Timer
• High Dynamic Range (HDR)
• ISO Options
• Autofocus (AF) Modes
• Manual Focusing
• AF Area Selection Modes
• AF Configuration Tool
• AF Customization
• Custom Functions
• Registering User Settings
• Adding Copyright Information
• White Balance Settings
• White Balance Correction
• White Balance Bracketing
• Auto Lighting Optimizer
• High ISO Noise Reduction
• Long Exposure Noise Reduction
• Highlight Tone Priority
• Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction • Chromatic Aberration Correction
• Flash Photography Options
• Error Code Reference
• Sensor Cleaning Options
• Live View Options (still images)
• Live View Options (Movies)
• Movie Sound Recording
• Movie Sizes/Quality
• Multiple Exposures
• Image Playback
• Playing Movies
• Slide Shows
• Raw Image Processing
• Image Protection
• LCD Cross Reference

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