Complete Half Frame Guide: A History & Guide to 18x24mm & 24x24mm Half Frame Cameras by Jerry Friedman 1998


by Jerry Friedman. Softcover, Ringbound, published 1998, 8-1/2 x 11", 100 pages, b&w illustrations.

Minor signs of shelf-life wear, inside pages clean. Uncommon book A comprehensive History to the current cameras, plus a alphabetical guide and description of all cameras.
Table of contents:
Part I:
A. Introduction: What is a Half Frame Camera?
B. Alphabetical Page Listing of 18x24mm and 24x24mm Half Frame Cameras
C. A Short History of the Half Frame Cameras
- Phase 1: 1900 - 1934: The Early Years of the 18x24mm Format
- Phase 2: 1934 - 1950: The Rise of the 24x24mm Format
- Phase 3: 1946 - 1980: The Development of the 18x24mm Format
- Phase 4: 1980 to the New APS
Part II:
D: Alphabetical Guide to 18x24mm Half Frame Cameras
E: Alphabetical Guide to 24x24mm Half frame Cameras
F: Bibliography of Reference Sources and Additional Reading

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