Contarex - Users Guides, MTF Graphs & Repair Manual for Zeiss Ikon Contarex, Vol II by J. Vogelaar

J. Vogelaar 2009, text in English (general text and most instruction manuals), German (Repair manuals) and some Spanish (Part-list only), softcover, 6-3/4 x 9-1/2", 192 pages, black & white illustrations and color photos.

MUST for the Contarex collector.

This Volume II is the completion of Collection of manuals Volume I. It supplies the manuals for the Contarex Professional, the Contarex Super Electronic and the Contarex Hologon camera. Together with Volume I it is the practical guide for the Contarex collector supplying all the information for using and maintaining the Contarex cameras.

The book is completed with the MTF Graphs for six Contarex lenses and illustrates, with real and recent pictures, the excellent performance of the lenses. The graphs are the original Zeiss Optical Department decoments from the 1960s.

The Cameras
The Repair Manual
Contarex lenses: a myth or...
Legend of the MTF Graphs
MTF Graphs of the Planar 2.0/50mm
MTF Graphs of the Tessar 2.8/5omm
MTF Graphs of the Planar 1.4/55mm
MTF Graphs of the Distagon 4.0/35mm
MTF Graphs of the Sonnar 4.0/135mm
MTF Graphs of the Hologon 8.0/15mm
MTF Graphs of the Biogon 4.5/21mm
MTF Graphs of the Distagon 4.0/18mm

Contarex Professional Manual
Contarex Super Electronic Manual
Contarex Hologon Manual
Contarex Grip Manual
Contarex Professional Repair Manual
Contarex Professional Spare Part List

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