Contarex - Users Guides & Repair Manuals for Zeiss Ikon Contarex, Vol I by J. Vogelaar

J. Vogelaar 2006, text in English (general text & instructions), German (Repair manuals) and some Spanish (Part-list only), softcover, 6-3/4 x 9-1/2", 320 pages, black & white illustrations and color photos.

MUST for the Contarex collector. Includes Manuals (English) for the use of Contarex Bullseye, Contarex Special, Contarex Super, Using the Bellows & manual for the Interchangeable Back.
Original 1960 Zeiss Ikon AG Stuttgart Repair Manuals - in GERMAN - plus the complete Part lists for the Bulls-eye, Special & Super (English/German/Spanish). Many exploded views. Factory Test & "Checking" Instructions, beside "do not's for the assembling of the cameras.

The Cameras
The Lenses
The Repair Manuals
Tips for Buyers
Some Special Lenses, some Results
The 4.0/250mm Sonnar
The 3.5/115mm Tessar Connection
The Bellows Connection
The Interchangeable Back
Contarex Bulls-eye Manual
Contarex Special Manual
Contarex Super Manual
Contarex Bellows Manual
Contarex Interchangeable Back
Contarex Bulls-eye Repair Manual
Contarex Bulls-eye Spare Part List
Contarex Bulls-eye Repair Supplements I, II, III, V, VII, IX and X
Contarex Special Repair Manual & Spare Part List
Contarex Super Repair Manual & Spare Part List

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