Essence of Fly Casting Volume I + Essence of Flycasting Volume II & The Essence of Spey Casting by Mel Krieger ( 3 hours 2 disk Tutorial Fishing DVD)

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Krieger Enterprises 2003. Tutorial DVD. Play on any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 170 minutes TOTAL.

Essence of Fly Casting Volume I:

An inspiring instructional demonstration by Mel, the international acknowledged master.

Every important facet of casting is dealt with, from the basics of good hand position to the complexities of fly presentation and the double haul. Fishing sequences for trout, bonefish and silver salmon in the Bahamas, Oregon, Florida and Alaska add to the excitement.

Mel has taught thousands of students (beginner and advanced) to cast better. In the first volume you'll learn all the basics fundamentals and casts. You also get an introduction to Spey Casting; A complete fly fishing glossary; Mel's Reminders, and Fly fishing Moments, a medley of music and visuals. The program utilizes slow motion, animation and special effects of the biomechanics of fly casting.

Essence of Flycasting Volume II & The Essence of Spey Casting by Mel Krieger

This DVD edition includes two programs for the price of one. ESSENCE #2: An instructional video for intermediate and advanced flycasters, featuring distance casting, fly rod action, application of power, bio-mechanics, distance roll casting and an introduction to Spey casting. Features Steve Rajeff, Jim Green, John Goddard and Mike Lawson.

SPEY CASTING: A definitive manual of Spey casting offering a totally unique overview of all fly casts

This video is more than a definitive manual of Spey casting. It offers a totally unique overview of all fly casts-- each a valid fishing cast and each a stepping stone to modern Spey casting.

Add the magic of Mel's teachings with the superb photography of Thorarinn Agustsson and the result is instruction at its best amid the wonders of Iceland.

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