History Of Photography As Seen Through The Spira Collection 2001

IN LIKE NEW . . Text by S.F. Spira, with Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr. & Jonathan B. Spira. (2001). Aperture. Hard-cover, 232 pages, 500 four-color images. S.F. Spira collected more than twenty thousand individual objects relating to the history of photography--a collection of unusual substance and depth, including many items extremely rare and not duplicated among the holdings of any museum in the United States.

Lavishly produced, this scholarly but accessible volume is an essential title for any photography enthusiast.

Photography's Precursors
Photography's Early Years
The Rise of Wet Collodion
The Advent of Dry Plates
The Accessible Image
The Roll-Film Revolution
The All-Seeing Eye: Diversity in the Camera
Reproduction of Photographs: Prints and Processes
The Quest for Color
Photography and Humor
Filmless Cameras
Appreciation by Bernard Danis

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