Leica Calendar 1979

SKU BR1556/1979 Leica Calendar
Very Good Condition. Has curling on bottom of pages, due to age and mild rubbing. Not used. Pages are very clean. Approx 10 x 13 1/2". Each page(Month)has black and white photographs as follows: January, 1925 Leica I with Hektor F2.5 50mm February, 1967 Leica M4 with Hologon F8 15mm. March, 1933 Leica III with Sumar F2 50mm. April, 1957 Leica IIIg with Summircron F2 50mm. May, 1938 Leica IIIb with Leica Motor - Xenon Fl.5 50mm. June, 1932 Leica II with Hektor F1.9 73mm, VIDEO finder. July, 1949 Leica Ic with Elmar F3.5 50mm. August, 1954 Leica M3 with Elmar F3.5 50mm. September, 1926 Compus Leicas with Elmar F3.5 50mm. October, 1958 Leica M2 with stereo Stemar F3.5 33mm. November, 1965 Leicalfex with Summicron-R F2 50mm chrom finish. December, 1956 Leica MP with Summicron F2 50mm.
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