Leica: The First Sixty (60) Years by G.Rogliatti 1985

By G. Rogliatti. Hove Foto Books(1985). Hard-cover with Dust Jacket, 6 x 8 1/2", 224 pages. Book is in like new condition(Minor Wear). The Leica Story. Technical Background Prototypes of the First Leica
First Production Leica's
Versatility and Speed
Perfection of the Screw Leica
The M Revolution
Development of the Leica M
Through-Lens Metering
The Leicaflex
The Electronic Leica Reflex Cameras
Limited Edition Anniversary and Commemorative Cameras
Wartime and Military Leica Cameras
Special Purpose Leica Models
Experimental Models
Factory Cameras
Motors and Winding Aids
Leica Lenses
Leica as the Universal camera
Leica - The Total System
List of Camera Serial Numbers
List of Leica Lens Numbers
General Alphabetical Catalogue
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