Minox Variations in 8 x 11 The Queen of Spy Cameras - A Hand book for Collectors and Users, 2nd Ed. by Hubert E. Heckmann

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Wittig Books 2012; The new 2nd expanded Edition includes over 100 new pages; 304 pages total, 540 Black & white illustrations / photos / exploded views / early advertising pages, softcover, 6 x 8.5" (15 x 21cm).

This is the authentic history of the legendary MINOX subminiature cameras. Written by the leading Minox expert, in cooperation with the inventor, Walter Zapp, and the Minox Company.

For nearly 80 years, MINOX subminiature cameras have enjoyed a unique reputation. Its extraordinary small size virtually predestined the MINOX for secret operation. No spy thriller worth its salt could ignore this valuable prop. But this should not blind us for the fact that the MINOX is a real milestone of photographic technology.

This richly illustrated volume begins with the story of Walter Zapp, the inventor. Then it presents the MINOX subminiature system in all its variations. Previously unpublished photos and data make this book a standard reference for any photographer and illuminate a fascinating chapter of pre- and postwar technical history. This book is based on years of careful research and offers the MINOX fan or collector a reliable reference works on this pioneering camera.

A MINOX Chronology
A Gallery of MINOX subminiature cameras
1. A Retrospective
2. MINOX Fascination
3. Subminiature Cameras
4. Camera Accessories
5. Copying
6. The Home Darkroom
7. Film Storage and Projection
8. Informational Material
9. Advertising Materials - Tables (Serial Numbers; MINOX Variants; Pre-war MINOX Patents) - Important MINOX Addresses - Bibliography - Index - Index of Names

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