Not on Your Tintype - Volume 1 - Introduction by Andrew Daneman (SIGNED BY AUTHOR)


Collection of American Tintypes

Northern Light Gallery 2007, Hardcover, 9-1/4 x 9-1/4", 45 pages.

This is the first volume of 10 to illustrate the Andrew Daneman collection of American Tintypes.

Volume 1 includes 53 images, including descriptive text.

For those not familiar with Andrew Daneman's passion for the American Tintype, though obsession might be more accurate term, here is the perfect opportunity to find out. The projected series will encompass 10 volumes illustrating over 500 images from this extensive collection of over 3000 images.

For many who know of his interest spanning over 35 years of relentless and focused hunting, this project comes as no surprise. It is a status check of a work in progress, not its completion, and will present highlights of the huge production of Tintypes in America over 70 years from 1856 to the 1920s.

To understand the author's decades-long quest after American Tintypes, speicfically those showing groups of two people or more, the first thing one must do is forget what you thing you know about this medium. The American Tintype, not the ordinary portrait of people staring blankly into the camera, but the wonderful animated full-of-life tableaux are the embodiment of the American spirit. To understand them is to understand a speical aspect American culture of this period.

The First Volume is an introduction to the variety of images made. The text is an introduction to this collector's approach and the collection's beginning.

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