Olympus OM System Handbook By Terence Sheehy 1996 (reprint)

SKU Bx50-Olympus OM System Sheehy
Reprint by Petra Kellers Photo LLC, 2019
by Terence Sheehy - Classic Camera Collector Publications. Softcover, digital reprint, spinal bound, 8 x 11", 76 pages, b&w illustrations.
The author gives a short history of the Olympus Company and its achievements relating to the OM System shown through the remarkable collection of advertisements for the OM System from the US, UK and Europe.
Special section relating to the remarkable achievements made by Olympus in popularizing the half-frame format with their groundbreaking Pen F System and Pen series of half-frame cameras of which in excess of over 1 million units were manufactured.
There is an in-depth study of the Om 2n camera and the OM-4Ti, the model that was introduced in 1975 with the revolutionary TTL exposure meter.
The bonus section is the includion of a Ponder and Best (Importers of Olympus cameras in the US) complete catalogue for the OM System. This 26 page fully illustrated cataloque shows the complete system, including over 280 accessories.
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