Outdoor Glamour Photography The Complete Digital Guide to Taking Successful Outdoor Glamour Photographs by Bill Lemon (SIGNED)

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Atlantic Publishing Group 2008, softcover, 8 1/2 x 11", 144 pages, color illustrations

In Outdoor Glamour Photography Bill Lemon explains, image by image, how each was created and the equipment used, as well as the time of day that produces the best image and how to use the light to your advantage. Also included is a discussion of scouting for locations that fit one model better than another, backgrounds, depth of field issues, and much more. Reading light and not being afraid of it is the secret to wonderful pictures.

In this new book, Lemon teaches you everything you need to know about light as it pertains to outdoor photography. In addition, he introduces the use of fill flash in certain situations and the use of what nature has provided for bounced light. The step-by-step, image-by-image information contained in this book is highly enjoyable, whether you are interested in learning the process or simply want to gaze at breathtaking, tasteful artwork.

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