Photographer's CheatSheet - Guide to Photographic Composition + Exposure Info

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This is a one-of-a-kind CheatSheet for the all photographers. It contains essential information that can help you take better pictures - and give you the information you need to take the pictures, get better exposures and make better photographs.

Designed to be the perfect accompaniment for the Digital PhotoCourse on a Card CheatSheet.

One side covers exposure and one side covers composition. No matter what brand of camera you own, if you're serious about your pictures, you'll want to have this CheatSheet.

Professionally designed by a photographer - for photographers.

* Weather proof
* Small (about 4 1/2" x 6 3/8")
* Very durable - laminated in 10-mil laminate
* Full Color
* Easy to read - high-quality print/stock
* Easily fits in your camera bag or shirt pocket
* 2-sided

It's an easy to take with you quick reference that is invaluable in the field. Take pictures in difficult exposure situations with confidence. Take night exposure pictures with confidence. One whole side contains "rules of composition" and helpful guidelines that will help you take better pictures. You'll appreciate having this item in the field when you're taking pictures.

Topics covered include:

* General exposure information
* Night exposure information
* Manual Exposure Guide
* Exposure Compensation Guide
* Exposure equivalencies
* Basic zone system information
* How to expose in difficult exposure situations

One whole side covers the rules of good composition including important composition reminders

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