Profitable Portraits, The Photographer's Guide to Creating Portraits that Sell by Jeff Smith

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Amherst Media 2005, softcover, 8 1/2 x 11", 128 pages, color illustrations

A photographer’s portrait style correlates directly to his or her profits. But photographic style doesn't just happen, and what works for one photographer won't necessarily work for the rest. In order to make money in the portrait business, photographers need to determine just what it is that their target client is looking for and must endeavor to find the best possible means by which to fill that need. This book will help you to cut back on flashy gimmicks, learn to hone in on your target client’s needs, and tailor your posing and lighting strategies to suit the intended portrait recipient.

*** Understanding your client's unique tasts and the types of images they want to buy
*** Evaluating your current images to determine how they could better meet your clients' needs
*** Using your knowledge of what sells to develop a consistent style - a signature look that sets you apart in your market
*** Making consious, well-informed decisions at every step the portrait-making process - from selecting the right equipment, to coordinating clothing and backgrounds, to lighting and posing your subject
*** Communicating your signature stuyle in your marketing and through your studio's appearance
*** Proofing, sales, and packaging techniques to enhance your profits and boost customer satisfaction

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