Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos: Learn How To Sell Your Pictures Worldwide, 5th Edition by Rohn Engh

By Rohn Engh. (2003). Writer's Digest Books. Soft-cover, 6 x 9", 374 pages, B&W illustrations.
Editorial stock photography gives your photo business a profitable foundation upon which to build. The picture you make today can sell again and again, for many tomorrows to come. Since 1981, this book has been helping new and veteran photographers do just that--make money with stock photography. Topics covered include everything from choosing a subject to marketing your photos the right way--to the right people.
In this completely revised and expanded 5th edition, you'll find dozens of photos, charts, tables and sidebars that help focus your goals and improve your profit picture.
You'll learn how to:
Tell the difference between a good picture and a marketable picture--the ones photo buyers need constantly
Use the internet to build up a stock photo business
Market and promote your name and photos
Set the best prices for your photos
Market by mail and present a professional image
Approach stock photo agencies with confidence
Keep your photos properly archived for easy access
Understand copyright law, rights and regulations
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