Smiths English Clocks Ltd., Seconds Printing Clock 1940's

SKU CS1462/Smiths Seconds Printing Clock
Good Condition... runs very well. An unusual c1940 seconds timing clock with bakelite case and mechanical movement. Face of clock is 8", overall 12 1/2". Metal dial reads: SECONDS PRINTING, SMITHS ENGLISH CLOCKS LTD., CRICKLEWOOD LONDON. M2 No.1608. Ref No. 14B/636. The clock has a 60 second scale with a 12 minute scale inset. Clock runs for a total of 12 minutes and then resets and start. A reset cord that pulls at the bottom of the clock resets to 0 and restarts. The manual winder is at the 4 o'clock position. VERY UNUSUAL ITEM.
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