The Leica Path - Leica Photography in the 21st Century by Erwin Puts - Limited Edition

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Published 2019; ENGLISH; hardcover, 6-3/4 x 9.5", 464 pages; 290 illustrations & drawings. Limited Edition of 700 copies.

The book describes the situation where the Leica user stands at the crossroads and has to decide what direction to follow. One direction in particular is the preferred path to use the Leica camera with satisfaction and joy.

The book describes the way out of the dilemma: use the Leica as Barnack intended it: unpretentious photos of scenes from everyday reality, that evoke emotions and that the photographer wants to hold.

There are three parts.

Part 1 describes the world of the Leica camera: the products, the history of Leica photography, the construction of the important parts and the manufacturing techniques. This part ends with clear advice which Leica camera from the extensive contemporary pallet is preferred.

Part 2 elaborates on the foundations: the principles of perception, the structure of reality, the core of photography and the pros and cons of digital evolution.

Finally, part 3 describes a new style of Leica photography (what and how to photograph with the camera). The personal relationship to things in reality is paramount, as is the style of deadpan photography.

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