The Photographic Guide to Exposure by Chris Weston

Photographers' Institute Press (PIP) 2004. 7 3/4 x 10", 175 pages. Hardcover. Exposure is the most important and least understood of all the technical aspects of photography. At its simplest it consists of allowing the right amount of light to reach the film or digital photo-sensor. But what is the "right" amount of light for a given scene or a given film? How do you measure light and with which tools and techniques" How do you control exposure, and what effect does this control have on the rest of your photography" All these questions and more are asked and answered by this book. Using real world examples, and with hints and tips throughout on how best to master exposure, the author strips down the complex whole of exposure into readily understandable sections.

Topics Covered include:
Exposure theory
How Different types of meters work
In-Camera versus hand-held meters
Understanding and mastering different meter patterns
Controlling camera functions for exposure
Coping with difficult lighting conditions
The "sunny f/16' rule
The use of exposure to create "Mood"

Packed with the author's brilliant photographs as well as simple to use charts and graphics, the book turns exposure from a mysterious art to a simple tool for making great pictures.
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