Tying with Turkey - Hooked on Fly Tying - with Rene Harrop (Fly Tying Tutorial DVD)

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BENNETT WATT ENTERTAINMENT 2005. Tutorial Fly Tying DVD. Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Run time approx. 60 minutes

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Create 7 versatile patterns that work, even when the hatches are thin or fish are finicky. Use turkey to tie stoneflies, drake biot emerger, spent caddis & more.

René Harrop... Master fly tyer and artist, guides you through tying with turkey feathers on seven versatile patterns. Turkey Biots are the un-stripped quill feather and make amazingly realistic wing material. About twice as long as goose biots, turkey biots are suitable for larger flies, and being somewhat translucent, they can be used over a tapered dubbed underbody for an exciting effect or as a realistic wing material. Turkey Hackle, Flats & Fibers... Long fibers with even tips that are wonderful for legs, tails and antennae for nymphs and emergers. These broad square tipped feathers are great for parachute, thorax and divided wing dry flies, or even a tent wing for caddis or wing cases for nymphs. Lear to tie: Mayfly Nymph, Green Drake Biot Emerger, BWO Biot Parachute, BWO Biot Standard Dry, Brown Biot Spent Caddis, Yellow Biot Stonefly, and BWO Biot No Hackle.

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