View Camera The Journal of Large Format Photography (all 6 issues) Vol XXVI 2013

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Excellent Condition. All 6 issues for Vol XXVI 2013. Includes:

January/February No 1 -

Working with Ansel Adams: Memories by Alan Ross

The Re-Birth of Deardorff

March/April No 2

Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe by Ansel Adams

Josl Namkung: Beauty in Nature

May/June No 3

Photography and the Civil War

Park Elson - Wet Plate Collodion Photography

July/August No 4

Gone West - Jean Laughton

September/October No 5

Czech Large Format Photographers

Laura McPhee: River of No Return

November/December No 6

General George A. Custer Then and Now Shane Balkowitsch and Matthew Brady

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