View Camera The Journal of Large-Format Photography (all Six Issues)Vol XV 2003

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Very Good Condition. All 6 issues 2003 Vol XV


No 1 Jan-Feb(marked 7)Laurence Parent: The Accidental Photography. Schneider Lenses- Part Two.

No 2 Mar/Apr - Architectural Photography: Steve Fitch, Grant Mudford, Robert Reck, Steve Rosethal

Vol 3 May-June - Portfolios by Clyde Butcher, John Fielder, Thomas Struth, Ansel Adams and The Sand Dunes of Death Valley

No 4 July-Aug - Large-Format Lenses from VEB Carl Zeiss and Docter Optic

No 5 Sept-Oct - Special Section on 5x7 Cameras and Films by Kerry Thalmann

No 6 Nov-Dec - Focal Length Variation for Large Format Cameras

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