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Larry Gubas 2015, Limited edition of 400 copies, just two left. A new book but a bit of edge damage incurred in shipping, so not mint. HARDCOVER, 9 x 11" (22.5 x 27.5cm); 890 pages plus introduction and foreword, 2200 illustrations and tables, most in color, supplemental disc with a large selection of copies of original Zeiss firm materials.

The contributions to photography of firms bearing Zeiss trademarks have been recognized from 1890 to the present day but, until now, no one has taken the opportunity to document these many contributions from the beginning of Dr. Paul Rudolph's earliest Carl Zeiss lenses to the superior lenses of the present day . Most people do not separate these lenses from the cameras and accessories of Zeiss Ikon and other collaborators. Few know much about the firms that were merged into that hugely successful Zeiss Ikon monolith that would challenge the Leica miniature with not a single camera body but with nine quite different and feature laden 35 mm cameras before 1938 while maintaining a product line that covered all other photographic methods, means and formats . Later, the difficulties in restarting the Carl Zeiss and Zeiss Ikon firms after World War II have, until now, only been tepidly explored. Few historians have covered the many fully designed cameras that were prototyped and patented during the war years and then lost to the bombings of Dresden and Berlin. The restart and legal complexities of the post war period and the decisions that led to the loss of not only the leadership of the photo industry but the near destruction of all of the firms themselves have receded into the past with only a foggy incomplete memory remaining.

Larry Gubas has been a key contributor to the Zeiss Historica Society since its founding 35 years ago and took many opportunities to visit with those who lived through these times first hand . He has also trolled the waters of archives and image collections to present in his book the most complete history of these times and products to the present day. His book entitled "Zeiss and Photography" presents this material with substantial and interesting photographs and documents in 890 pages.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Historical Overview

Chapter Two: Carl Zeiss Early Lenses and Photo Department

Chapter Three: Ica Predecessor Companies (Huettig, Wuensche, Dr. Kruegener, Zeiss Palmos Department and Zeiss Photo Department)

Chapter Four: International Camera Aktiengesellschaft (Ica)

Chapter Five: Contessa and Nettel

Chapter Six: Heinrich Ernemann

Chapter Seven: CP Goerz

Chapter Eight: Entangling Situations and Product Limitations

Chapter Nine: Merger into Zeiss Ikon

Chapter Ten: Zeiss Ikon Takes Form

Chapter Eleven: The Status of Carl Zeiss Jena Optical Design and the Beginning of Zeiss Ikon Technical Innovation

Chapter Twelve: Zeiss Ikon Really Begins (Contax I)

Chapter Thirteen: Zeiss Lenses for the Contax

Chapter Fourteen: New Miniatures (Super Nettel)

Chapter Fifteen: Contaflex TLR

Chapter Sixteen: Contax II and Contax III

Chapter Seventeen: From Box Cameras to the Super Ikonta

Chapter Eighteen: Hubert Nerwin and the Tenax Cmaeras

Chapter Nienteen: Ikoflex Cameras (Pre-war) and Movikons

Chapter Twenty: Trademarks, Catalogs and Advertising

Chapter Twenty One: What Might Have Been but for the war

Chapter Twenty Two: Innovations

Chapter Twenty Three: March of Time (War and Aftermath)

Chapter Twenty Four: Migration of the Zeiss Ikon Contax to Zeiss Jena and to Kiev

Chapter Twenty Five: Carl Zeiss Jena Photo Dept (Post war)

Chapter Twenty Six: Transitions

Chapter Twenty Seven: The short Reemergence of Zeiss Ikon in Dresden

Chapter Twenty Eight: You Need a Scorecard

Chapter Twenty Nine: Zeiss Ikon Begins again

Chapter Thirty: Zeiss Ikon Moves to other Locations and Business Changes

Chapter Thirty One: The Rebirth of the Contax

Chapter Thirty Two: Further Developments

Chapter Thirty Three: Legalities

Chapter Thirty Four: Contaflex SLR

Chapter Thirty Five: Other Zeiss Ikon 35mm Cameras

Chapter Thirty Six: The Adding of Voigtlaender

Chapter Thirty Seven: The Contarex Cameras

Chapter Thirty Eight: Zeiss Ikon Voigtlaender Chaos and Death

Chapter Thirty Nine: Cooperations (Asahi, Leica, Yashica, Kyocera)

Chapter Forty: Times Change Yet Again


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